Dazzling operation regenerating eye's lens

Glaucoma, Macular degeneration, Cataracts, Optic neuritis, Retinitis pigmentosa and some tumors causes blindness.A stunning operation has successfully treated children with cataracts in China.Scientific research says that more than half cases of blindness are caused  by cataracts that is clouding of the eye's lens.  

The implanted lens is actually use to restore sight, but the operation described in nature activated the natural stem cells in the eye to grow a new one. 

Experts define this procedure as one of the finest goal in regenerative medicine. 

The lens is fixed  behind the pupil and focuses light on to the retina. 

About 20 million people are blind because of cataracts, which is due to the aging factor although some children are born with them. 

The lens is flushed out by the standard treatment  that uses ultrasound to soften and break up the lens. 

An artificial lens must then be implanted back into the eye, but this can result in complexity, particularly in children. 

Dazzling operation regenerating eye's lens

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