Crummy signs when body wants you to see a doctor

Got an injury; rushing towards first-aid box lying on the table, applying some antiseptic spray on the target and yeah! it will be fine. This technique could help you to get back on the track when getting an  external energy but what would you do for an  internal injury? 


Injuries like, difficulty in Walking  is a very dangerous sign of a fractured bone. Joint becoming inflexible, when your joint movement is not usual then it is surely a sign of red alertness. Even if you get a bruise after an injury you must see a doctor as a bruise can even cause,'deformity of a muscle'. 


 A Head Injury should never be negated as your head is a powerhouse of your body. Whether external or internal because they are almost and always more than serious. 


Whenever getting such injuries one should and must see a family doctor or a medicine physician to avoid future consequences.

Crummy signs when body wants you to see a doctor

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