Common Misconception About Mobile Phone Batteries.

Ah, the mobile battery ─a thing of myth, of legend of frustration. So much away does battery life hold over us that we buy specific phones that guarantee us a couple of days' usage. And all of this when other devices can eke out a week's worth of usage.

1: Batteries have "memory"

2: Off-brand chargers will damage your battery.

3: Charging your phone overnight will damage your battery.

4: Don't use your phone while it charges.

5: Turning off your phone can damage your battery.

6: You should always charge your phone to full before first using it.

7: Putting your battery in the freezer will extend its life.

8: Using the internet will run down the battery faster than anything else.

9: Turning off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS will prolong your battery.

10: Task managers help prolong your battery life.
Common Misconception About Mobile Phone Batteries.

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