Celebration of Grammy Awards

The most awaited Grammy Museum outside of Los Angeles opens Saturday in the Mississippi Delta, cradle of the Blues.The organizers allocate $20 million and promise as the most advance museum in the country. 

The project designers designed the museum as the most stinking rich building to come to the region.Creased metal on the building's exterior is a greeting to the many blues musicians grew up.The port looks like a big front porch, a common feature of many Delta homes. 

The museum is a shared effort to spotlight the Delta's music legacy.The museum features the distinct collection including the acoustic guitar Presley played during his landmark '50's Sun Records Sessions to the bright, multicolored feather costume Cee Lo Green wore at the 2011 Grammy Awards. 

Pop singer Ne-Yo polish up the dance moves from a life-sized screen to over a multicolored dance floor that lights up like the one from Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean."

The Museum also attracts kids that learn more with interactive technology that connects them with music history. 

Celebration of Grammy Awards

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