Best mobile phones in the world nowadays


Samsung Galaxy S6

Although last year's Galaxy S5 was not anything special, this year Samsung's ongoing from the ground up to build a really magnificent smart phone.

The camera is outstanding, the audio and video excellence gleaming and the QHD display crammed into the 5.1-inch screen is the sharpest on the market - t It's pretty expensive mind, so make sure you're after a truly A-grade experience before buying as you'll be paying handsomely for it - but if you do take the plunge, you've got the best phone on the market. Though it suck down the battery quite lots.

iPhone 6

The iPhone 6 is an actual innovation for Apple and a phone that's a true delight to use, hold and feel. It's got all the similar ingredients that compose iPhones special. While it doesn't outshine in any given part of the smart phone way, it just works, promoting ease over tricky menus.

The camera has a lesser megapixel tally than others, but it's speedy, bright and simple to use. The screen is too low as compared to the phones around it, but pops and fizzes with color and brightness. And that design - we have to maintain coming back to it as it feels gorgeous in the hand.

Best mobile phones in the world nowadays

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