Best Tourist Attractions in Nunavut, Canada

Formally created in 1999, Nunavut Territory is an governmental unit hived off from the previous Northwest Territories. Nunavut, in the language of the Inuit who live here, means "our land" and covers the entire of the eastern part of northern Canada. With an area of 1.9 million square kilometers, Nunavut is approximately eight times the size of the United Kingdom and comprises about one fifth of the whole area of Canada.


Repulse Bay

Reached just by airplane, Repulse Bay thrives on tourists who approach in exploration of land and sea adventures, under the understanding of Inuit tour guides. The "European" chapter of this fraction of Canada's history opened in 1741 when Captain Middleton sailed into the profound bay - known to the Inuit as "Naujaat" - in search of the Northwest Passage. In his dissatisfaction of not finding the Arctic route, Middleton christened the bay .


Belcher Islands

Off the Hudson Bay shore lie the infertile Belcher Islands, which sustain polar bears and Beluga whales and walruses in the nearby waters. Several people come here to kayak; though, the Belcher Islands are awfully distant and see very few visitors every year. There is an airfield in Sanikiluaq, which services the region.


Pond Inlet

Set on the Baffin Island shore, Pond Inlet is an Inuit township to the west of a rugged mountainous land. It attracts visitors for its natural loveliness and culture, though the area is extremely distant and therefore expensive to access. One of the top traveler attractions in the community is Nattinnak Centre with displays on the narration, geography, and natural world of the region.

Best Tourist Attractions in Nunavut, Canada

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