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Best How to Websites Ever – Learn Everyday DIY Hacks by the How-to Websites


Every day, most of us need to know about how the house chores or things are done. Either it is sewing a scarf, changing car oil, or control on your anger, find direction on the internet by best how to websites. In this way, the advent of the internet has issued various how to sites filled with videos and tutorials. Hence, these tutorials hold tips and means to make your life better.


  Best How to Websites

Some of the Best How to Websites




The world's biggest show and tell site contains seven sections, i.e., Craft, Circuit, Workshop, Outside, Living, Teachers, and Cooking. In this way, there are many projects, recipes, and hacks with varying complexity as well as wackiness. Moreover, 3.5 million people visit this site every month, which shows its value.


5 Min


Whatever video people share on 5 Min is not more than 5 minutes. The user needs to register the site and create the studio to save videos of personal profit. Further, the user can also share his video smarten with the site's tools. On the other hand, Smart Player lets you watch videos in slow motion, zoom in and out, and frame by frame. 




It began in 2006 with videos of formats like "How to" ad "Ask the Expert" on many topics. You can either upload a video or ask an issue on the forum. Anyhow, various topics cover food & drink, leisure & hobbies, parenting, beauty & style, etc.


How a Car Work


We all know how important the car is for his owner. Not only is it hard but also costly to maintain a vehicle due to its complexity. For that purpose, there is "how a car work" site, which is part-guide and part-explanation. Moreover, the site has info on Fuel, Brakes, Steering, Suspensions, Electrical, etc. Anyhow, the how-to-guide videos need payment.




WikiHow is the combo of thousands of people globally, which focuses on a specific goal. Their motive is to help each other by writing something by one person for others. Moreover, other authors can amend pieces and update them to make the article complete and more accurate.




LifeHack is full of lifestyle blogs and premier productivity. Hence, it is the best how to website to improve all phases of your life. LifeHack reports whether you need advice, a tip, support, or a trick. It has all the formulas to make things useful in your life. 


DIY Home Décor


Do-it-yourself allows you to customize your room, house, flat, or condo with easy steps. In this way, you do not need full-scale remodel because this site lets you convert your space within budget. Further, you will find guidance, step-by-step photos, and tutorials for the makeover of your living space.




Youtube has mostly missed when it comes to the best how to websites list. However, it is also amid how to sites. On Youtube, there are many channels, which are devoted to almost every topic. You only have to find the right channel based upon your needs and explore its playlist. 


Final Views


Get and give tips on your favorite topic on the best how to websites stated above. In this way, you can connect yourself whatever amuses you and gain useful info. 

Best How to Websites

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