Be aware! Virus attack have peaks in the morning.

Morning is the best battlefield for viruses to invade human bodies and levels of invasion is ten times in the morning. Researches published in PNAS, displayed viruses were 10 times more powerful if the infection started in the morning. 


Viruses can also get hold of your body when messing up with body clock like, when changing-work or a jet leg can give an okay to viruses to replicate inside our body cells.  

Prof Akhilesh Reddy, explains "It's a big difference. 


"The virus needs all the apparatus available at the right time, otherwise it might not ever get off the ground, but a tiny infection in the morning might perpetuate faster and take over the body."  

About 10% of the gene instruction is run by the internal clock, so disrupted internal clock is more exposed to viral infection. 


The researchers say the findings could help us find ways of stopping pandemics

Be aware! Virus attack have peaks in the morning.

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