Basic Teeth Care Information you didn’t know

There are 10 things that you didn’t be familiar with your teeth.

1. Your smile gets an early start.

A creative dental care Dr. Joseph Banker said that all of your teeth were forming before you even born. And what your mom ate and drank throughout their pregnancy can influence those tooth buds extended earlier than they turned out to be your permanent shining whites.

2. Resistant protection.

Dr. Timothy Said that there is one tissue among others is a strongest tissue in your body and that is Enamel. And that tissue has maximum percentage (96%) of minerals.

3. Nail biting: chip your chompers.

Nail biting is a very bad habit and it’s time to break out that habit and nails are not powerful than our incisors. When you bite your nails than teeth hitting each other and that will create a problem.

4. A smile: emotional boost.

A smile can release your tensions. And they also look best in picture if you are smiling.

5. Sugar: enemy.

Dr. Banker warned that don’t taste that material all day extensive. If you're going to eat or drink your favorite food then after eating or drinking clean your mouth with a glass of water.

Basic Teeth Care Information you didn’t know

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