Banana Face Masks for Gleaming Skin

Banana is filled with a number of vital vitamins and nutrients that make banana face masks astonishing beauty fix. Bananas guard our skin from gratis radicals and then delay the aging process.

 Why Homemade Banana Face Mask is excellent for your skin?

 Just Humble Banana Face Pack: squash a full-grown banana and apply on your face and skin. Let it sit on your face for 15 minutes and then wash it off with cold water. If you have time, rub your skin with ice cubes later than this. The use of banana will make your face glow and even out the rough skin.

Banana Face Mask to ease skin: This natural face mask is fine for vanishing away dark spots, removing blemishes and brightening dry skin.

Banana Face Mask to treat Acne and Pimples: Are you anxious about pimples and acne? This chemical free mask with natural ingredients, that is, turmeric and baking soda acts to fight acne / pimples, decreases blemishes and help in receiving shining face. Turmeric is an earliest times dried root herb and baking soda works as an efficient cleanser and exfoliant.

Banana Face Masks for Gleaming Skin

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