Artificial Intelligence and Automation| IA | Automation

Artificial Intelligence and Automation| IA | Automation


What is artificial intelligence (AI)? AI is a set of theories and techniques create machines capable of simulating intelligence. Well, we are not very advanced with that! Take an example of a subset of AI, machine learning which is probably the easiest to understand. Let’s learn about Artificial Intelligence and Automation and its effects on human lives.


Jobs and AI

And today, the debate on the impact of the rise of artificial intelligence on the world and especially on employment is raging. On one side with all past technological advances, artificial intelligence will ultimately change the world. 

Ai will create new employment and growth opportunities for people to operate them. AI means changing the world with the power of the brain. Did you notice? there are many industries run by the automation.

Experts are expecting that we humans will fight to keep our jobs against the machine. Does not that make you think of anything?

According to experts, the sector has always been slow to adopt advanced technologies because of a mode of operation that does not encourage innovation.


Machine learning and development

Firms are under increasing pressure to save money and reduce billing hours by using AI. Large corporations have internalized some legal tasks; some, like JP Morgan, have designed their own "technology short cut".

Julia, Chris Smoak, and Justin Kan hope that they will make the legal market more customer-friendly with the help of AI.

JP Morgan recently hired developers to build software capable in seconds to do a set of tasks that would have taken hours.

Machine learning is also a continuous learning process of behaviour by the internet. AI takes all the information that the user leaves in each interaction with the brand.

What about the algorithm? On things purchased by the customer, Ai learns his buying habits about the things seen on the website.  Ai learns all that experience we want to offer our customers.

Today, technology allows platforms to collect each type of information to enable algorithms to improve every day. This is our journey to the future with artificial intelligence and automation.

If we extend this to larger domains and more developed artificial intelligence, it is possible to imagine many cases where an AI could replace man. Can algorithms replace doctors by intelligently learning all past diagnoses?

According to a study, 47% of jobs in the United States are at high risk in the next two decades. Globally, low-skilled, low-wage jobs are at risk; while skilled jobs are more protected,


Artificial Intelligence and Automation

There are many interesting scenarios presented in the various NBER papers (“Economics of Artificial Intelligence"). Will it destroy jobs globally or increase long-term inequalities? Put this question directly to the artificial intelligence of Google (Google Assistant, Google's Siri).

The question is will machine replace the workers in certain sectors: the answer is yes. On the other hand, robots will help us in so many things like doing many tasks in less time. So what is the future of our world in the presence of artificial intelligence and automation? Let’s think about it. Well, for the moment we are saved!

Artificial Intelligence and Automation| IA | Automation

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