Adam Wingard's Death Note just gets fancy till the next blink of eye.

Adam Wingard, whose horror films always haunt you until the next one comes to your TV but his latest movie, Death Note's trailer has left us with a little disillusion for the anime displayed in the devil's appearance.

Plus, the horror and suspense which had been the soul of his movies is not actually seen together though, horror is too far to scare the viewers for a while.

This 1 hour and 40-minute movie seems to run to the end without indulging and blending the viewers into the taste of fright.

The movie revolves around a nerd boy played by Nat Wolff who gets angry when somebody gets hurt by bad people but all he can do is nothing. But being a part of supernatural movie character means, you're going to have a power or a celestial help, so this part is done by the Death Note which actually is a book from the God of death.

Light turner (Nat Wolff) finds the book and writes the name of the criminals in the book that he wants to be dead and the next you see is the dead body of that person while, the death play is done by Ryuk (William Defoe), a god of death which actually created the book to play with humans.

The movie is really extra straight-forward but it's not too bad to watch this weekend.

Adam Wingard's Death Note just gets fancy till the next blink of eye.

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