A new and easy technique to deal with anxiety: worth reading

People having  sensitive behavior in their personality are more likely to get anxiety and other psychological disorder. Anxiety is an initiative step that ends in dangerous psychological disorders if left uncontrolled. 


Most of the people get trapped by anxiety when they don't come up the way they are expected.However, as many people dominating with anxiety know that dealing with any type of anxiety is hardly easy and is really difficult for people  this type of inner struggle is hardly that easy, and it is actually very difficult for people to change their overviews. 


 Many of our emotions and our perspectives are deeply rooted in unconscious part of our mind that cannot be easily unnerved, especially when fighting a stressful situation. 


Harvard's social psychologist, Amy Cuddy discovered a new and quick exercise to ease anxiety is to write down a core value or a time or an experience in their life that made them feel anxious. This technique is a little strange but has proved beneficial effects to reduce anxiety and  buck up motivation that overcomes their fears. 

A new and easy technique to deal with anxiety: worth reading

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