A huge gaping of " Zootopia" with debut of $73.7 million

Disney's "Zootopia" ranked up  the fourth biggest March opening ever, debuting to $73.7 million over the weekend. 

The animated story is about a rabbit who joins the police force and is very excited to be the first rabbit to join it.It contains a downtown of mammals where various animals live and thrive. 

Zootopia" is well positioned going to be matchless choice for admirers with children for the next month."Zootopia" has been playing for three weeks, the film supplemented another $63.4 million to its yield, pushing its global total to $232.5 million. The film continues a first-rate comeback run for Disney Animation. 

March is now a blockbuster month by the success spring release of "Zootopia". 

A huge gaping of

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