A Smart Insole Heats your Feet at the Press of a Button

Every one of you may struggle to keep your toes tranquil in wintery weather; now there is good news for you; Digitsoles
will allow you to adjust the temperature of the insoles at the touch of a button. The unremarkable interactive insole does not only heats your feet but it allows you to count steps and calories burned; it can be easily controlled using a Smartphone app.

 A France based company claims its lightweight insole with the heating element secret; the Digitsoles
are made from the lightweight material and they will be charged using USB port by connecting to an iOS and Android App via Bluetooth 4.0. Connect it once and you will be able to access the warm up function on the app; there you can adjust the temperature of each insole by sliding a bar on the screen up and down. The unique adjustment will allow you to set the perfect temperature for each of your feet.  You should endeavor this latest Smart device for just £60 ($99); Order Now!

A Smart Insole Heats your Feet at the Press of a Button

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