A 3D-printed tooth a day will stay the doctor left

You've got a filthy mouth. Streptococci, lactobacilli, satphylococci and coryne bacteria every one discover themselves at house in your gob. But fright not, as dental researchers are working on 3D-printed artificial teeth that can clean things up in there one time and for all.


of the University of Groningen and his contemporaries have developed an antimicrobial plastic.  It works by combining antimicrobial ammonium salts with customary dental resin polymers. The salts are absolutely thrilling, and so disturb the harmfully charged bacterial membranes - causing them to rupture. Once assorted, it can be place into a 3D printer and used to make substitute teeth, orthodontic braces and additional.

Further Experiments

In tests, when covered in saliva and streptococcus mutans, it killed more than 99% of the bacteria, compared to just 1% in a control model devoid of the ammonia salts.

Though, the tests were just performed over the course of about six days, so further experiments require to be completed to determine how secure it is above the longer tenure - particularly when used in combination with toothpaste.

A 3D-printed tooth a day will stay the doctor left

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