9 Types of food that you should never store in fridge

Science reveals that some foods need warmer weather to preserve their dewiness and freshness. Storing tomatoes, bread, cake and even coffee in the fridge is not a good idea.  

Never stockpile items having tangy odor like, onions, they can the ruin the taste of other items stored in the fridge. 

So, here is the list of the nine things you should never think of keeping them in the fridge. 

Bread It becomes sapless in an unaired fridge than in the bread bin. Try to keep it in a little cool and dry place to restore it's freshness. 
Storing onions in the fridge means you're ruining taste of other things in the fridge. And the same is with Garlic, fridge is never going to help restore it's freshness. 

The best place of Avocados is keeping it in an open brown bag.Tomatoes lose their taste when, getting colder, so keep them at room temperature.Honey never clabbers in the room temperature. Only cream cakes should be stored in fridge.Melons, cut the melon and cling wrap it and put it in the fridgeCoffee  actually suck in the smells of other foods around it in the fridge so, keep it in an airtight container instead.

9 Types of food that you should never store in fridge

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