7 Unhealthiest Foods On The Planet.

These seemingly innocent foods should be placed on your personal 'no-eat' list. 
Some zones aren’t so self-evident. Take, for example, the aisles of your local supermarket. You know the candy bars aren’t doing you any favors, and you can’t eat butter by the spoonful. But there are plenty of other products that seem entirely harmless — in fact, most are marketed as healthy, or at least as less-bad-for-you alternatives to other foods.

Here’s the essential list:
7: Microwave Popcorn
Because it: Might Mess with Your Mind
6: Colorful Candy
Because It: Puts Your Child at Risk of ADD
5: Jelly and Jam with Added Sugars
Because It: Deprives Your Body of Nutrients
4: Diet Soda
Because It: Is Linked to Obesity
3: Fortified Kids’ Cereal
Because: The Vitamins Are Fake, but the Sugar Is Real

2: Coffee Creamer
Because It: Can Raise Your Cholesterol
1: Processed Meats
Because It: Bloats Your Belly—and Your Diabetes Risk

7 Unhealthiest Foods On The Planet.

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