7 Tech Purchases You Should Avoid.

We love our technology. But sometimes our lust blinds us, and we make unwise purchase decisions.
We’re talking about that sweet Blu-Ray player you only used to watch the unedited version of The Lord of the Rings trilogy and never turned on again. Or those $99 HDMI cables, because you spent so much on the TV anyway.
Want to avoid making the same kinds of mistakes in the future? Then don’t buy things like these products:

1. “Premium” audio microSD cards
2. High-resolution music players
3. Tablets with 4G LTE
4. Cellphone plans with too much data 
5. 4K TVs smaller than 50″ 
6. Expensive HDMI cables

7. 16GB iPhones and iPads
Money saved: $0, but at least you’ll save your sanity

7 Tech Purchases You Should Avoid.

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