5 Productive Things To Do In Quarantine

5 Productive Things To Do In Quarantine 


This pandemic has literally paused everything in the world.the schools are closed,workplaces are shut,public places are empty,tourism is postponed  and trade is down.this is time we take measures and play our part in our society to fight against this global virus which has already costed a lot of human lives.

To protect ourselves and others from this deadly virus we stay at home and practice social distancing and self quarantine ourselves.

Quarantine can be dull and boring until we decide to do something productive to pass the time and spend it nicely instead of complaining about it.

Let's talk about the productive and interesting things that can be done while being quarantined for a long period.


DIY(do it yourself)

Take control of the boredom and something interesting.Look around in your house and fix things or create cute things for your room or lounge,or if you have a few unused items turn them into something pleasant. You can decorate your living room, make lamps or hang a DIY  chandelier. It's up to you.


Go Green

Planting is one of the best productive things you could do while quarantined.Plants can be refreshing and you can always hook and eye  the whiff or aroma.you can grow some mint in your pots or maybe some tomatoes or plant flowers.


Focus On Self-grooming

This might be the right time to take self care and improve yourself.do a regular exercise to maintain or lose weight.take care of your skin,you might want to try remedies to have a better skin or take good care of your hair oil them twice a week. 


Improve cooking skills

Everyone loves to eat but some might not like cooking.while being in quarantine you can practice some cooking and improve your skills.learn different recipes from youtube and try them.try making your favourite pasta or a cake.


Spend Time With Family 

Life has always been so busy that we ignore our family for work this is the time we can spend with family and understand each other.While in quarantine with family, we can play different card board games,tell stories or clear some misunderstandings.

5 Productive Things To Do In Quarantine

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