3 Best movies to watch in April

A Hologram For the King 

The film is based on the 2012 novel of that was name by Dave Eggers, The story is about a floppy businessman (Tom Hanks) who struggles to get back his losses by launching an idea for a 3D holographic meeting system to a wealthy crowned head in Saudi Arabia. Hanks reunites with director Tom Tykwer – the pair worked together on the film adaptation of David Mitchell’s . 

The Jungle Book 

This live-action runs around a boy in a primeval forest; Mowgli who is played by the 12-year-old Neel Sethi. The movie is a lot than great images and feelings it actually is a great inamorata of jungle. 

Green Room 

With one of the more trick of the year, Green Room captures Patrick Stewart as the neo-Nazi owner of a nightclub (Darcy Banker) who finds himself up against punk band The Ain’t Rights in a life-or-death backstage showdown.The movie is a thriller… littered with clever dialogue, and beautifully constructed with narrative which is directed by Jeremy Saulnier

3 Best movies to watch in April

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