19 Things You Should Throw Away For Better Health.

When we talk about the steps you need to take to get healthier, they often involve buying new things: workout clothes, fitness equipment, ingredients for healthy recipes, and the list goes on. But becoming the healthiest version of yourself also means throwing away the stuff that’s holding you back—and we don’t only mean junk food. Get your recycling or garbage can ready!

1: Old plastic containers.

2: Air fresheners.

3: Antibacterial soap.

4: Your stash of diet soda.

5: Worn-out running shoes.

6: Frayed toothbrush.

7: Clutter.

8: Clothes you don’t wear anymore.

9: Leftovers lingering in the fridge.

10: Old mascara.

11: Dirty contact lens case.

12: Stale spices.

13: Old lip gloss.

14: Musty, clogged air filters.

15: Stretched-out bras.

16: Your kitchen sponge.

17: Plastic cutting boards.

18: Smart devices.

19: Your chair.

19 Things You Should Throw Away For Better Health.

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