Vegetables which are rich in Iron

Iron is an essential part of maintaining a vigorous body. One technique to make sure that you have the suggested amount is to include vegetables as part of your balanced meals. Iron, which is a trace mineral, helps to carry oxygen to your brain and the lack of it can cause fatigue and even anemia amongst other circumstances.

Here is the list of vegetables that will assist you maintain the appropriate levels of iron every day.



It is a member of the legume family. This vegetable contains an incredible 14.60mg of iron. A female would only require a cup of soybeans in a day to entirely satisfy her daily suggested amount of iron. She would also get the extra benefits of vitamin C, zinc and calcium, which have their own significant health benefits.


Artichokes have 1.64 mg of iron per cup and contain a healthy amount of a variety of B vitamins too. They have no cholesterol and are comparatively low in carbohydrates.


While not winning any attractiveness votes, beets do hold a fair quantity of iron and are high in other nutrients as well, such as vitamin C and calcium.

 Vegetables which are rich in Iron

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