Top 3 amusement parks in Canada

Calaway Park, Calgary: Calway park is the largest amusement park in WESTREN CANADA, it provides profusion of summer fun for the whole family .A log flume, a cork screw rollercoaster, a long flume,, gigantic swing ride and  numerous food booths, games keep everybody entertained. The other   attractions includes   ballpit and Theodore Tugboat playground for infantile

La Ronde, Montreal: Canada's second largest enjoyment park and is one of the top summer spots for families in Quebec. La RONDE was opened in 1967 as the halfway for Expo 67 have 40 rides at the park in total.

Crystal Palace Amusement Park, Dieppe; This amusement park offers abundance of family fun in an indoor multifaceted attached to the Champlain Place shopping mall.The park gas been open since 1990 and is located near Moncton.

Calypso Theme Waterpark, Limoges, Ont.:it is the Canada largest water park
  it is located near the capital city and is always a centre
 Top 3 amusement parks in Canada

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