Neuroscience says, "Women are more likely to help others then men".

All the prior researches showed that women have smaller brains than men as they are considered smaller in size than men, though a recent study in Netherlands claimed that women tend to show more prosocial behavior then men.

Research worker, Philippe Tobler, says, “women put more subjective value on prosocial behavior and men find selfish behavior more valuable".

He also said that it's still not understood that which level of the brain is slightly different that lead to the more and less of altruistic behavior. Furthermore, he says, "But in both genders, the dopamine system encodes value.”

Dopamine, a neurotransmitter seems to be the cause of difference in women and men's brain. During the research conducted on 56 male and female participants, women behaved less selfish than men unless their dopamine systems were interrupted by a drug, amisulpride that made women to act more egoistic than men.

The study actually revealed that there really are brain differences in men and women. now when the women are considered more philanthropic than men, they should be given the respect they deserve. 



 Neuroscience says,

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