Netflix is declared as the future of theater industry

Why everybody is talking about Netflix these days? Yes! We know that it gives us diverse forms of merriment but what’s new in it, It is actually the concern of lucid Hollywood companies about Netflix increasing competition in movie-making. 

Netflix definitely have some intelligent minds and fore-running strategies behind its super hit series. Let’s discuss some jitteriness of Hollywood ‘s top directors and producers. 

Joe Russo, co-director of a recent block buster; Avengers: Endgame, said that the Netflix actually is platform of  viewing a diverse content which creates a challenge for the film-making companies to make something really special, unique and new for the audience that creates an urge to stand up form comfy sofas and go out for a movie.  The directors and producers need to create very planfull and new products, actually a motivation that would attract audience with it’s  beautiful aroma. 

The vulnerability of the survival of cinemas is constantly on the risk after the sinking ships of Dark Phoenix and Toy story 4. while some shows their fears about Netflix, some agrees with a symbiotic relationship of industry and online streaming like director, DuVernay who has worked with Disney and Warner Bros, as she says working together will open new ways and entertain audience with both experience which will eventually affect in increasing economy. 

Long story, short is that the movie-making industry has to devise ways of dealing with these new struggles and challenges. 

 Netflix is declared as the future of theater industry

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