Harmful effects of Herbal supplements

People think natural things are healthy, yes they often are  but not always. According new research Herbal medicines may sire a real danger. 

Recent research on herbs shows that not all herbs are healthy some are deadly too, like Aristolochia.Aristolochia, is well- known as birthwort or pipevine. Aristolochia species are used as esteemed Chinese herbal medicine as  it stake out to treat edema and arthritis and is also used as a disinfectant. 

 Aristolochia was tested in laboratory for its beneficial use but the result shows toxicity and carcinogenicity in humans. People  engrossing this herb were found to be patient of chronic kidney diseases that instantly need renal transplantation. 

Some herbs don't work at once but build-up in the body and cause disease months or year later.So patients must tell their doctors about all herbal stuff  they are taking. 


 Harmful effects of Herbal supplements

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