The mystery of the "Lost Underwater City", is now uncovered.

The underwater Greek site that was once realized as the remains of  an old-lost ancient city fit out to something that is really amazing It's not an Atlantis, in fact it is  the â€œlost city”  that was  given life by a natural  phenomenon in the Pliocene age about 5 million years ago.

Divers were struggling hard to find that mystical doughnut shaped columns and an article revealed on Thursday that those mysterious shapes are not remains of human stone work but are actually a plumbing situation below the seabed.  

The lost city actually belong to microbes. They  fed off of the carbon in the hydrocarbon seeps, and in turn produce sediment that is converted into dolomite, a natural concrete. 

Those round concrete  were produced by leaking  in the earth’s surface, so that's not unusual, as such phenomena usually take place under deeper water. 

These structures really play an important part in providing a home for life in an ecosystem’s habitat.

  The mystery of the

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