After Truth detector Scientist are proceeding toward,

 Research team of Lancaster University in the U.K, are laboring hard to hatch an "Emotion detector". The Lancaster “emotion detector” is actually an ear-piece, connected to a smart phone, vertibly measures skin and heart responses when an emotional stimuli is stimulated. 

 The device is comprised of a camera that works for checking eye movement and pupil dilation, although it’s still a confusion that  how this camera would function. 

This emotional detector is still just an idea but, scientist are trying hard to dream up this device. This device would response to larger questions about the working of machines in our emotional lives. 

The design team goal is to review about the ethical association of  future in which computers would monitor our emotions. The Lancaster gadget is really part of a larger excitement as this “design fiction” device would perceive world where love can be measured by machines

  After Truth detector Scientist are proceeding toward,

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