After Truth detector Scientist are proceeding toward,

25 May 2016
Research team of Lancaster University in the U.K, are laboring hard to hatch an "Emotion detector". The Lancaster “emotion detector” is actually an ear-piece, connected to a smart phone, vertibly measures skin and heart responses when an emotional stimuli is stimulated.

Google introducing a Project Ara modular phone for its customers

23 May 2016
Google is bringing up a Project Ara modular smartphone adventure that will launch in next year. Blaise Bertrand, Manager of Google's Advanced Technology and Projects group, publicized that a new developer phone will be available in the markets next year.

Smuggling of exotic pets is creating double trouble in Florida.

21 May 2016
University of Florida researchers confirmed three Nile crocodiles were overwhelmed between 2000 and 2014. National Geographic dotted their weight up to 1,650 and their length is about 16 feet.

Do Probiotics really lead to a healthy life?

19 May 2016
Probiotics are commonly known as "Healthy Origins".probiotics pretense to make your tummy really healthy. People take them because they think that probiotics are really making their life happy, But there is still no evidence of their healthy effects on body

NASA recorded April, as the hottest month ever

16 May 2016
NASA tweeted some ominous statement about April as the hottest month ever recorded that shattered all the previous records in history.

116-years-old woman's secret to her longevity

15 May 2016
Emma Morano, is now the oldest woman alive who was born in 1800s. Morano has grabbed the title from 116-year-old Susannah Mushatt Jones, died on Thursday in New York City after being hospitalized for the past 10 days.

Acetaminophen may reduce your concern for other's pain

13 May 2016
Tylenol( Acetaminophen) is a fine pain killer but, research has found out that Tylenol is making you less concern with other people's pain.

Guinness Book of World Records the oldest cat alive

12 May 2016
The 30-year-old Siamese named as Scooter was perceived by the Guinness Book of World Records for his long-lived life of 30 years in this world.

Canadian airlines permitted passenger's pets to fly with them in the main cabin

10 May 2016
It's really amazing carrying your pet along with you in the main cabin. However, this is like breaking the norms- but two Canadian airlines made it possible for pet lovers to carry pets to the main cabin.

Measure to make summer plans in Europe after foreshadowing of terrorism

09 May 2016
After double attack in the Western Europe, people are now querying whether is it still safe to plan summer in Europe. Intelligence agency said that terrorist groups will continue to make strategies to target tourist sites, restaurants and the most soft site is transportation